About Phoenix Health Insurance

Phoenix Health and Life Insurance is a local family owned and operated Health and Life Insurance agency that serves thousands of clients across the state of Arizona. At Phoenix Health and Life Insurance we believe in the motto “When You Do What Is Right You Can’t Go Wrong”.

At “PHI” we specialize in Medicare Health Plans, Individual Health Insurance, Group Benefits, and Life Insurance coverage. We work with families and business owners to find the right Insurance coverage by providing independent choices from carriers nationwide. PHI has independent relationships with “A” Rated Health and Life Insurance companies across Arizona and nationwide to help find the right policy for each client.

Since we are growing fast and work with Associate Agents across the valley we are sure to have an agent close to you.

Phoenix Health Insurance

FAX: 623-414-4202
TEL: 623-516-8300

Mesa Health Insurance

TEL: 623-516-8300

Meet The Agents Of Phoenix Health Insurance

Lynn Marble Insurance Agent

Lynn Marble

Master General Agent and specializes in Medicare, Individual Family Plans.

Stacie Howard Insurance Agent

Stacie Howard

Individual Family Plans

Chris Gabbard Insurance Agent

Chris Gabbard

Group Benefits

Frank Stevens Insurance Agent

Frank Stevens

Financial Services

Stacy Petro Insurance Agent

Stacy Petro

Customer Service / Operations Director

Troy Chevalier Insurance Agent

Troy Chevalier

Troy specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.

Angela Gabbard Insurance Agent

Angela Gabbard

Group Account Coordinator and better half of Team Gabbard

Hayden Swann Insurance Agent

Hayden Swann

Licensed agent specializing in Individual and Family Health Plans

Whatever your personal healthcare situation may be, Hayden will be able to help.

Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

Joe Beehler

Licensed Health and Life Insurance Account Specialist
Joe is an experienced agent that specializes in Life Insurance, Individual health Insurance, Group Health, Long Term Care, and Dental plans.

Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

Joshua Bahr

Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent.
Joshua, brings his experience as an educator and local high school football coach to his clients to share life and health insurance strategies for families and small business owners.

Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

Sue Lee

Sue Lee is a licensed health and life agent since 2016 who brings a wealth of experience as a former director of Human Resources. Sue’s private sector experience allows her to help our clients with Group Benefits, and Individual and Family plans.

Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

Steve Brauer

Steve brings his wealth of life experience as a retired police Sergeant from his first career and his vast Insurance experience to the Phoenix Health Insurance family. After retiring from the police department Steve began his insurance career in 2003 and is a seasoned benefits broker and agency owner. As a previous agency owner in the California Bay area market, Steve ran his family owned agency specializing in Employer Group Benefits, Individual Family plans and Medicare Supplements.

Karyn Ellsworth Insurance Agent

Karyn Ellsworth

Karyn is a Licensed Health Insurance Agent who specializes in Medicare Planning, & Individual Family Plans. Karyn loves helping others and brings with her over 15 years of customer service expertise.