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Phoenix Health Insurance


Obtaining health insurance can be very confusing and stressful. From Obamacare requirements to gaps in coverage, there is a lot for patients to be concerned about. Fortunately, the health insurance agents at Phoenix Health Insurance can assist in finding a policy which works for you and your family.

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Life Insurance is not always the first thing many people think of when they insure against risk. But, as families grow and the number of people depending upon us increases, having a life insurance policy in place is vital. Whole Life, Term and other options can be explained by your life insurance agent.

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Medicare & Medicaid are imperfect programs, providing some insurance and coverage. Fortunately, there are health insurance plans designed to work with Medicaid, covering the gaps and the areas where the Medicare program falls short. Call your broker to discuss options for medigap coverage.

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    Why Altrua Health Sharing Ministry?

    • FREE Telamedicine

    • No Obamacare Tax Penalties

    • Large PPO Multiplan Nationwide Network

    • Low Monthly Contribution Amounts from $100 for Single to $504 for a Family

    • Stable Rates due to Healthy participants

    • $2,000,000.00 of coverage

    • $35 Doctors office visits 6 per year per person

    • Maternity coverage available

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    If you are here, looking for a positive solution to the rising costs of spiraling Obamacare Health Insurance plans, then you have come to the right place.

    Established in 1999, Altrua Ministries, dba Altrua HealthShare, is a 501(c)(3) recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry Every day, thousands discover Health Care Sharing Ministries as a positive solution to health insurance. Sharing ministries similar to Altrua HealthShare have been around for nearly thirty years, and billions of dollars of health care needs have been shared in by fellow members.

    Insurance Products & Services

    We specialize in the following

    Scottsdale Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

    Individual and Family Insurance Plans

    Scottsdale Group Health Insurance Plans

    Group Health Insurance Plans

    Scottsdale AZ Medical Supplement Plans

    Medical Supplement

    Medicare Advantage Plans Scottsdale AZ

    Medicare Advantage Plans

    Short Term Healthcare Plans Scottsdale AZ

    Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

    Dental Insurance Plans Scottsdale AZ

    Dental Insurance Plans

    Car Accident Insurance Plans Scottsdale

    Accident Plans

    Critical Injury Health Insurance Coverage Scottsdale AZ

    Critical Illness Plans

    Life Insurance Plans Scottsdale Arizona

    Life Insurance Plans

    Long Term Health Insurance Options In Scottsdale AZ

    Long Term Care

    Annuities Scottsdale Insurance Brokers


    We offer a free evaluation for all products and services. If for some reason the coverage you have is better than what we can provide we will be the first to let you know.

    “When you do what’s right you can’t go wrong!”

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    Meet The Agents of Phoenix Life Insurance

    Lynn Marble Insurance Agent

    Lynn Marble

    Master General Agent and specializes in Medicare, Individual Family Plans.

    Stacy Petro Insurance Agent

    Stacy Petro

    Health insurance agent, Medicare agent, office manager and customer support specialist.

    Chris Gabbard Insurance Agent

    Chris Gabbard

    Licensed agent specializing in Commercial Group Health, Individual Health, Medicare Plans.

    Stacie Howard Insurance Agent

    Stacie Howard

    Stacie specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.

    Frank Stevens Insurance Agent

    Frank Stevens

    Frank is licensed and specializes in Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Annuities.

    Troy Chevalier Insurance Agent

    Troy Chevalier

    Troy specializes in Group Health, Individual Health, Life Insurance and Medicare.

    Angela Gabbard Insurance Agent

    Angela Gabbard

    Group Account Coordinator and better half of Team Gabbard

    Hayden Swann Insurance Agent

    Hayden Swann

    Licensed agent specializing in Individual and Family Health Plans

    Whatever your personal healthcare situation may be, Hayden will be able to help.

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Joshua Bahr

    Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent.
    Joshua, brings his experience as an educator and local high school football coach to his clients to share life and health insurance strategies for families and small business owners.

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Sue Lee

    Sue Lee is a licensed health and life agent since 2016 who brings a wealth of experience as a former director of Human Resources. Sue’s private sector experience allows her to help our clients with Group Benefits, and Individual and Family plans.

    Joshua Bahr Insurance Agent

    Steve Brauer

    Steve brings his wealth of life experience as a retired police Sergeant from his first career and his vast Insurance experience to the Phoenix Health Insurance family. After retiring from the police department Steve began his insurance career in 2003 and is a seasoned benefits broker and agency owner. As a previous agency owner in the California Bay area market, Steve ran his family owned agency specializing in Employer Group Benefits, Individual Family plans and Medicare Supplements.

    Our Client Reviews

    “Mr. Marble was very informative regarding Medicare and how the plans worked and was extremely knowledgeable about health insurance in general.”



    “Terrific insurance brokerage, it’s great to have a professional insurance agent to to help guide me, insurance can be complicated.”



    “Mr. Marble was very informative regarding Medicare and how the plans worked and was extremely knowledgeable about health insurance in general.”



    Our Service Areas

    Scottsdale Health Insurance Service Area

    Scottsdale Health Insurance

    To obtain the proper health insurance in Scottsdale, you might think there are a lot of holes to jump through. Making sure that you have the proper health coverage and making sure that everything is taken care of is essential to successfully finding the right coverage. The agents at Phoenix Health Insurance can help find the right plan for you.

    Service Areas Tempe Health Insurance

    Tempe Health Insurance

    Getting the right coverage in Tempe can really be a burden if you don’t have the proper help and assistance. Make sure that you have all the help you need and come to Phoenix Health Insurance. Our agents are expertly trained to help you find the right policy that fits your needs and is affordable and doable for your future. Phoenix Health Insurance can help you!

    East Valley Health Insurance service areas

    East Valley Health Insurance

    Shopping around for health insurance can be tricky and exhausting. Making sure you get the right policy and being able to afford it is probably at the top of your requirements. Luckily, Phoenix Health Insurance has plenty of coverage for East Valley areas like Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler. Get the coverage and policy you need with Phoenix Health Insurance.

    West Valley Healath Insurance service areas

    West Valley Health Insurance

    If you are looking for the right health insurance policy, Phoenix Health Insurance can help you find the one with the right coverage and at an affordable price. With coverage spanning the West Valley such as Goodyear, Buckeye, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, and Surprise, the agents at Phoenix Health Insurance will find you the exact policy you need.

    Our Health Insurance Blog

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    New IRS Rules For Employers Regarding Health Insurance

    Last year, the IRS spelled out how it would treat employer contributions to employees to help them buy coverage on their own. More recently, it reiterated its position in Q&A format. The question the IRS posed to itself:

    What are the consequences to the employer if the employer does not establish a health insurance plan for its own employees, but reimburses those employees for premiums they pay for health insurance (either through a qualified health plan in the marketplace or outside the marketplace)?

    Employer Payment Plans

    In answering its own question, the IRS characterized such arrangements as “employer payment plans.” These are different from health reimbursement accounts (HRA’s) and healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSA’s).

    The IRS considers employer payment plans as group health plans, subject to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the ban on annual limits for essential health benefits and the requirement for full coverage of preventive health services. But, even if employees bought coverage which featured those benefits, employer payment plans “cannot be integrated with individual policies to satisfy the market reforms,” according to the IRS.

    The penalty for having an employer payment plan would make it prohibitively expensive. Specifically, employers could be subject to an excise tax as high as $100 per day per employee (that is, $36,500 per year per employee).

    The IRS and the Department of Labor also take the position that an HRA cannot be integrated with “individual market coverage or with an employer plan which provides coverage through individual policies” without violating the ACA. However, HRA’s and healthcare FSA’s can still be used to help employees pay for “excepted” benefits, including vision, dental, accident, long-term care and automobile medical payment coverage.

    Wraparound Coverage

    Another form of health coverage, not subject to ACA requirements, which employers can help employees buy beginning in 2015 without being penalized is “wraparound coverage.” That’s basic health insurance to supplement a standard health plan which meets ACA requirements. This coverage cannot cost more than 15 percent of the cost of the basic health plan offered to your employees, however.

    If you are still determined to get out from between your employees and their health plan coverage, you could avoid the “employer payment plan” penalties by simply giving employees a pay raise sufficient to subsidize their health benefits to the degree you want and can afford.

    Keep in mind, however, you will be subject to higher payroll taxes, and since this income is taxable to employees, the amount of the raise they’ll have available to buy health coverage will be reduced by their added tax liability. Also, workers may eventually forget why they got the raise, and consider themselves employees of a company that doesn’t value its workers enough to offer health benefits.

    Finally, if you are large enough to be subject to the ACA’s employer mandate, the salary increase tactic won’t allow you to avoid the penalty for not providing health coverage.

    Your Team at Phoenix Health Insurance


    2016 Is shaping up to be the most challenging year we have ever seen in the Individual Health Insurance Market in Arizona. Due to massive losses sustained by every carrier in AZ there will be huge changes this year so please take a few minutes to read this update.

    So what is happening with the Individual Health Insurance Market?

    Phoenix Health and Life Insurance Emblem 1. Blue Cross Blue Shield lost over $90 million and as a result will no longer offer any PPO plans for 2016 except for those people who have grandfathered plans that were written before 01/01/2014. Over 77,000 people will be getting a letter notifying them that their coverage will no longer be available. Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ will only offer HMO plans in 2016. The average rate increases for theses HMO plans will be around 29% compared to last year’s same HMO plans. Current HMO members may want to either increase their deductibles to save money or look elsewhere because the Blue Cross Alliance and Select network plans will still be some of the most competitive in Maricopa County.

    2. Health Net of Arizona lost a reported $86 million dollars and will follow the lead of Blue Cross and will drop all PPO’s except for one basic Bronze plan that we will not be selling. They will no longer be offering their benefit rich Platinum $750 deductible or Gold $1500 deductible plans. These two plans represented 90% of the plans that we at Phoenix Health Insurance sold for Health Net. Health Net’s prices also increased on average 21% for remaining HMO plans.

    3. Meritus only lost $16 million and is our states only local CO-OP and was a very good option that provided predictable benefits along with some of the lowest prices. Unfortunately last week the Department of Insurance placed Meritus into Receivership, which means that unless something can be worked out in the next week or so all 58,000 Meritus customers should plan on finding a new home for 2016. This is unfortunate as some believe that this is a political move but you can view more about this here http://www.meritusaz.com/content/meritus-frequently-asked-questions-faqs.

    4. Assurant was the first recorded casualty this year with losses exceeding over $120 million dollars. They announced that after 102 years in the health insurance market they would be closing its doors for individual health as of the middle of 2015. Assurant was the ONLY OPTION for MAYO CLINIC that we had here in Arizona.

    Phoenix Health and Life Insurance Office outdoor So how do I find a new plan for 2016?
    1. Off Exchange: Visit our new website phxhealthinsurance.com and click on the Health Insurance Quote Now button. This is a custom quote link that will allow you to compare and apply.

    2. On Exchange: You have to use the www.healthcare.gov and please check the box that says you are working with a broker and enter 15856993 in the NPN Number. It is a small box in the first section of the application that you have to click on.

    *OR quote our top 3 carriers for 2016 one at a time

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona quote link: Click here

    Cigna quote Link: Click here

    Health Net Quote Link: Click here

    Due to the overwhelming nature of having 752 clients who all need to replace their plans within 37 days we simply cannot deliver the same one to one service that we have been able to provide in the past. We hope that you will use these tools to purchase your 2016 plan so that we may continue to be your agent of record and serve you throughout the years to come. I appreciate any feedback that you have and hope that you will email us with what plan you have selected so that we may follow up on it for you. Please email info@phxhealthinsurance.com. Thank you for your understanding and please email or call 623-516-8300 for more direction.

    Sincerely, Lynn Marble and your team at Phoenix Health Insurance

    Your Team at Phoenix Health Insurance

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