Dental Insurance Plans Available In Arizona

Dental HMO’s

Similar to a regular HMO, a dental HMO or DHMO includes a network of pre-approved providers. These dentists provide services for free or for a fixed copay, which has been pre-determined. Dental HMO’s are very popular for their ability to encourage preventative dental work and keep patients in the dental network they want to be in. Health Maintenance Organization’s are widely credited for improving the health of patients, and a good form of insurance.

Dental PPO’s

A PPC is a Preferred Provider Organization. Patients with this type of insurance get dental work from preferred providers for a deep discount or in some cases no cost at all, and they usually are able to get advanced dental procedures for a pre-negotiated percentage of the total bill. The strength of the PPO or HMO network is often determined by the doctors and offices in their respective networks.

Dental Indemnity

These types of plans are similar to the HMO and PPO plans. They often have a low one time deductible, after which procedures are free for the insurance year. For more advanced or specialty procedures, rates can vary, from 80% coverage for some work to 50/50 coverage for other dental needs. Dental Indemnity, like many plans, does not absorb all the cost of dental, but can be a great affordable option for mitigating the financial risks of dentist’s bills.

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